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Moomin Moomin

The wonderful world of Moominvalley has been featured on Arabia products already since the 1950’s. The Moomin mugs not only bring joy to the everyday but are cherished treasures coveted by collectors worldwide. Arabia’s Moomins are turned from stories to ceramic illustrations by designer Tove Slotte. The designer draws inspiration from Tove Jansson’s original illustrations, which she adapts to ceramic shapes.

Moomin pitcher 1,0L Moominhouse 6pcs
SGD $404.94
The new Moomin Moominhouse pitcher by Arabia from 2018 features the loveable Moominhouse. The Moominhouse jug comes with a ceramic lid that keeps insects away from your drinks. This stylish and cool pitcher will definitely bring something to the dinner table with its beautiful colours! Size: 1l.

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